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Entity buy-sell agreements

Choose entity insurance to protect your company if a partner dies. With entity buy-sell agreement insurance, the company pays for the policy and it is the beneficiary. I help you find the cheapest entity buy-sell insurance that meets your needs.

With entity insurance for your business, you'll protect its future by obligating the entity to purchase the interests of a partner who has died. In entity-buy sell agreements, the company buys term life insurance for each owner. And, with entity buy-sell insurance, the business is the beneficiary of each policy and everyone agrees ahead of time on the purchase price in the buy-sell agreement. To set up entity buy-sell life insurance, begin by emailing me or calling at 1.800.799.0903 about those being insured, and I will find you the best term life insurance quotes available.

Advantages of term insurance for an entity in a buy-sell agreement include that the insurance proceeds should be free of ordinary income tax. Just how much term life insurance and for how long are determined by your company's needs. Lower term life insurance rates in a buyers' market also make this the perfect time to plan for your company's future in the case of an untimely death of a partner in your entity. Set up the best entity buy-sell agreements with term life insurance to protect your company today.

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