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Key man insurance, key employee insurance

Protect your company with key man insurance that covers those key people you can't survive without. Find out how much key employee insurance you need today to ensure your business survives the loss of key engineers, coders and other key employees.

Key man insurance is designed to protect a company even when key employees die. Key employee insurance usually covers the owners or founders of small businesses and maybe one or two other key employees. Key person insurance is also essential for engineers, coders or other irreplaceable employees that make the difference between success of the business and bankruptcy. To find the best key life insurance rates, start by emailing me or calling at 1.800.799.0903, and I will search an extensive list of term life insurance companies for the best quotes.

In key man insurance, if the key employee dies, the company which pays for the insurance also collects the benefits. Term life insurance quotes for key employee insurance are based on the same information needed for other term insurance, including age, height, weight, medicines used, tobacco use and health history. With key person insurance, you can rest assured your company will continue even if a key employee dies early.

Make sure your company is carrying the right amount of key man insurance.

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