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South Dakota term life insurance at rates you can afford

South Dakota term life insurance is much cheaper than permanent insurance, and it provides you flexibility for your stage in life. Term 22 finds affordable South Dakota insurance term life policies that fit your needs and your budget.

When you need South Dakota term life insurance, consult Jim 'Connor, owner of Term 22. He'll not only explain South Dakota insurance, but he'll also clarify your legal rights. He'll tell you South Dakota life insurance is governed by Title 58 of the South Dakota Codified Laws, and when you buy South Dakota term policies, you have 10 days to decline coverage and get a full refund. Jim also finds cheap term insurance for your unique situation, whether you're perfectly healthy or you have a health history with conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

South Dakota term life insurance can be quite confusing to consumers, and you might feel like asking, "Just what is term life insurance?" South Dakota insurance is available for various lengths of time - for instance, five, 10, 20, 30 or more years - and you'll want to pick a term that suits your situation. Jim will sort through South Dakota life insurance policies to find you the cheapest term insurance premiums and the best term life insurance to protect your family or business. For affordable life insurance term rates and personalized service, email Jim or call 1.800.799.0903.

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