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First to die life insurance, joint insurance

Buy first to die life insurance for you and your partner when you want to pay less for the best coverage that pays out once after the first partner dies. Joint insurance means that bills are paid for the surviving partner.

First to die life insurance, or joint term life insurance, gives couples another option to cover each other, while costing less than two separate term life insurance policies. Joint insurance is perfect for two-income households where if one person dies, the other person would experience financial hardship. To set up joint life insurance, start by emailing me or calling at 1.800.799.0903, and I will search for the best joint term life insurance policy to meet your needs.

Joint term insurance is the perfect choice when there is no need for a payout to children or others after the second person dies. So in first to die life insurance, the spouse or partner receives the payout that could go for paying off a house or bills. The joint insurance then pays nothing when the second person dies. Typically, joint term life insurance insures two people for less than the sum of two individual policies.

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